Irrigation advice and more

Knowing is everything. Agri360 is a suite of data driven tools to give you the ultimate insight into your crop, from irrigation planning to plant health and compliance. At your fingertips, from single fields to whole continents.


Get the most out of your irrigation with Agri360. Easy to use tools to build insights from data gathered from satellites, sensors and your irrigation infrastructure, making it easy to spot problems, forecast your needs and optimize your yield.

Get insight into your soil. Agri360 brings volumetric soil moisture data to your fingertips, so you’ll know when a field is at capacity or wilting point. You can even use satellite data to control tire pressure for farm vehicles.

Agri360 can help regional government and water basin managers support compliance with water resource plans by measuring water use and estimating water availability for irrigation. 

Agri360 is built and supported by DHI, the industry leader in water engineering.

DHI is an independent advisory and research organisation working exclusively with water and water environments. We use sensors, satellites, machine learning and physics based computational modeling to describe water, predict behavior and prescribe optimal strategies for managing the use, distribution and mitigation of water in everything from cities to oceans.


Agri360 is proud to work with a select group of partners in a wide array of segments.

Making every drop count

We’ve been working with water as a resource for decades, and we bring that experience and expertise to everything we do in agriculture, including the Agri360 suite of tools. We make advanced data sources, IoT integrations and physics based hydrodynamic modeling accessible to field-scale diagnostic issues. 


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